Friday, 30 December 2016

French Books Can Help Stimulate Growth

When trying to learn a foreign language I was often advised to read source material that was available for the said language. Even though in the start I had trouble deciphering what was written in the books I kept at it and even though my Spanish is a bit off I can honestly say that reading was the one big factor of improvement that I can single out.

World of Reading Ltd. claims to be your source for foreign language and ESL Products since 1989. Let me tell you being fluent in a number of different languages are a huge advantage as the world keeps on moving towards a global economy and a global village. Being a polyglot is going to be an absolute necessity in the coming years as we further delve into the age of technology.

Hence I have enrolled my children into World Of Readings French classes, the elementary French Curriculum has a number of French books that you can choose from some of them are mentioned in the list below.

  • The Cat in the Hat
  • Les Oeufs Verts au Jambon
  • Horton Entend un Zou
  • Poisson un Poisson deux
  • C'est Bon de Faire des Conds

These books can help you provide a definitive foundation for your kids from which they can learn the language for Doctor Seuss’s books in French.