Friday, 1 April 2016

French Films with English Subtitles

Researchers have regularly found a link between learning and the environment in which you are placed in. Take an example of the average human he learns by interacting with what’s around him. Similarly an individual learns about a language when he sees the people around him interacting in the said language, and hence it’s easy to pick up a new language when you are surrounded by objects and people who speak the said language. This is the reason why we have a large collection of French movies, as we sincerely believe that a large amount of material available for learning is the only way through which the viewer can actually gain a grasp on the subject at hand.

We make sure that we have a collection of the classics, so not only can you learn the right way, but have fun doing it as well. The movies create an environment where you can learn comfortably. This means that you can pick up words and phrases while you watch the movie and then compare them with the other phrases to begin with the learning process. This is an exercise which has generated great results in the past, as students have picked up new concepts with relative ease due to the fact that they were structured as entertainment rather than work. Many children view study as a chore, and the dynamics change completely when you show them that work can be entertaining as well. This is the reason why great emphasis is given on fun learning , as it is a tried and tested way of making the individual learn a lot quicker than usual.

Many a times the movies that the students watch can have a profound impact on their development, similar is the case with language, once the curiosity is peaked, there is a high chance of a greater effort.

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